Thursday, 30 June 2011

Laser Show

Music Laser Show
Difficulty: 5 out of a possible 10, may take some time

·        Laser
·        Mirror
·        Speakers (medium or high powered works the best)
·        An Ipod or any other source of music connected to your speakers
·        A good base song (works the best)

1.     Get the speakers ready by pugging them in and connecting them to a music source (ex: Ipod)
2.     Attach a mirror to the speaker at an angle that points up. This mirror should be secured directly on top of the speaker, specifically where the music would come out of.
3.     Turn on your speaker and play your song on medium to high volume.
4.     Make sure there vibration coming from the speaker and moving the mirror.
5.     Turn off the lights and point the laser and the mirror.

The laser should reflect onto a ceiling or wall. The laser bounces off a mirror attached to a speaker, then goes through a diffraction grating so the patterns will cover an area or a wall or ceiling.

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