Thursday, 30 June 2011

Electric Rainbow

Electric Rainbow
Difficulty: 10 out of 10 VERY HARD to perfect. I have personally tried this twice and it did not work. If you are able to make this work PLEASE tell me what you did! Here’s the video for it:
Video : Watch Video HERE

·        Alligator wire
·        2 paper clips
·        Battery
·        Water with Sodium Sulphate
·        Indicator solution
·        Magnet
·        dish
1.     Put the paper clips on the side of a dish
2.     Add the water and sodium sulphate into dish
3.     Add indicator solution
4.     Connect the wires to the battery and the paper clips
5.     Observe what happens
6.     Add magnet
7.     Observe
Hopefully, the sodium sulphate and water mix will change colour once electricity is added into the dish. Also once the magnet is added, one can see the flow of electrons.
Using an electric current and a powerful magnet, we can create a fantastic swirl of colours in a tray of water! This is yet another, unexpectedly colourful demonstration of the connection between electricity and magnetism.

We can break apart water molecules using and electric current. This produces hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. This changes the pH of the water, and we can make those pH changes visible by adding some universal indicator

What happens when we place a small, but powerful magnet into the water? The magnetic field is going to affect the electrical field, and that's going to affect how the colours appear in the water. It looks much better than it sounds, so watch this segment as we create an 'electric rainbow'

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